pumpkin in watercolor

Pumpkin patch watercolor

pumpkin in watercolor
Spider with a view of pumpkin

Time to hunt for pumpkins!

This time of year in Autumn brings back memories of when I used to take my sons when they were children out to a local farm that they affectionately named :The Goat Farm”.  We would go there every year when the kids were young from Summer through Autumn harvest to let them play on the playground and feed the goats who were set up as an attraction.  The goats had their own sky-walk that let them walk up ramps to special feeders above where the kids pulled ropes and raised cups full of food.

This time of year, in October we would go to the farm to look in the pumpkin patch for the perfect jack o’lantern.  The farm had nice BIG pumpkins that you needed a wheelbarrow to bring it to the car in, and the pumpkin patch was a LONG way from the car!  The farm also had draft horse carts that you could buy a ticket to ride, but we were very poor back then and didn’t get to ride them.  It was fun to look at the horses though!

Today’s watercolor started out as a field of pumpkins in Autumn colors, but I didn’t like how the background turned out.  That’s when I decided to make the pumpkins the background and made the barn siding and spider as a separate piece to glue over the top to be the foreground.

Supply list:

The spiders web and the wood grain were done using a “Fineline” resist pen, which is masking fluid that you put on before painting, let dry, paint, let dry, then peal off.

The watercolors are from Daniel Smith and from Windsor Newton professional.

I used a Posca Pen to make the black spider.

pumpkin in watercolor
Spider with a view of pumpkin

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”  Maya Angelou


  1. Love your pumpkin painting and the memories you shared! 😃🎃🍁 The goats sound like a fun attraction! My husband and I went to a local pumpkin patch a couple of years ago so I could buy a pumpkin to carve. I hadn’t done that in ages! It brought back fond childhood memories for me too. 🎃

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