Bee done in watercolor #watercolor #bee #art

Painting what inspires you.

Inspiration can come from anywhere;

your family and friends, your pets, nature and the outdoors with the flora and fauna, your imagination.  What inspires you?  For me inspiration strikes heavily when I’m surrounded by the natural environment.  I enjoy looking at the ocean or the mountains, but I usually am inspired most often when I look closer to the ground.  A beautiful flower petal, the bee that wants the pollen, the ear of an animal, water on the grass.


I am also inspired by smell.

I may be alone here when I say that I like the smell of the ocean.  Fishy, I know, but the smell reminds me of happy memories of past vacations with my family, of fun, and laughter.  I also like the smell of a first rain after a long dry spell, when everything gets washed clean.  There is something to be said about the smell of air not tainted by the odor of pavement or exhaust fumes.  Something happens in my brain that causes me to relax and smile.  It’s amazing, and if I could bottle it and it’s effect I would.  Many companies have tried, I know, but none have been successful in doing more than polluting the air with chemicals that claim to smell like the outdoors, but don’t.

What inspires you?  The eyes of a child?  Your cats nose?   A particular color?  Not everyone will be inspired by the same thing, and that’s o.k.  Sometimes my inspiration is limited to the things that I can draw well, and then sometimes I will challenge myself to do something that I am uncomfortable with.  It all depends on the feelings that are being inspired by the subject.

Have you ever looked at all the wonderful and popular things being created on the web and thought to yourself “but…………that isn’t what I want to do.”?  Then don’t.  Do what inspires YOU.  So what if it isn’t the popular thing to be doing right now.  Do what makes YOU happy.

Supply list:

Canson XL watercolor paper

Daler-rowney student grade watercolors.  This painting was done in

2013 before I got my professional watercolors.


Remember, to some, frogs sing a beautiful lullaby.





  1. I love your bee Julie! I am constantly inspired by nature. I have tried painting other things, like people or fantasy, and have taken various online workshops, but nothing fills my heart with joy more than taking inspiration from the natural world around me. I started feeling a lot more content creatively once I realised what it was I actually wanted to be doing, and can now admire other people’s art without feeling like I should try to do the same thing myself.


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