Journal prompt: What is your spirit animal?

I looked on the web for spirit animal and took the test to find out what my spirit animal is and I am not surprised at all that I am the owl.


I am very happy to be by myself, or with only my core group of supportive people, seeking a creative outlet.  It is quite the coincidence that my mom gave me the nickname of Hootiebird when I was a little girl, and that is why I named my blog Hootiebirds art journal.  Regardless, I have a love/hate relationship with owls.

Back in the early eighties, my dad worked at a mill and they lost business due to regulations for Spotted owls.  More recently, I lost two chickens to an owl hunting in my neighborhood.

The love part comes from that fact that I think the owl is beautiful and majestic.  Unafraid to be alone.  I admire them, and wish that I could be as courageous in my own life.

Blue owl

Hootiebird owl supply list:

Canson XL watercolor paper 140lb.

Daniel Smith watercolors in Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna, Cerulean blue,

Windsor Newton Professional watercolors in Permanent rose

Sharpie in ultra fine tip black


Blue Owl supply list:

Deco Art: Patio Paint in Marigold, Blue Bahama, Desert Turquois, Wrought iron black, Grey skies.

I did this one in one of my old journals.  I’m sorry that I no longer know what the brand is.



  1. I always had the feeling that maybe the goat is my spirit animal. You know the old saying; “stubborn as a goat”! Stubborn is not always a bad thing. I see it more as perseverance in my case. But then again, sometimes I am just downright stubborn! Love your owl and especially love the story of how you got your name. ❤


  2. Hi Julie, I love your owls!! ❤️ I like drawing and painting owls too. I find them facinating. I like that your mom nicknamed you Hootiebird as a child. 🦉💕 I will have to take the internet quiz on what animal I am but I do believe I am a Hummingbird. 😊
    I read your “About” section and see you live in the Pacific NW too! That is so cool! 😊


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